Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Neon Hat!


This is a short blog post about a hat I made last weekend.  I had finished all the project that I was working on the week before and there was a calm in my classes.  I was a little lost on what to do.  I felt like I had a done a lot of projects for other people and I want to make something for myself.
Treat yourself and all that jazz.

So on Saturday night my roommates and I started to watch a movie and I began casting on some neon yellow yarn that I had for close to a year.  I got it shortly after making this hat, which is a favorite of mine.  I simply got busy and forgot about the yellow yarn until I saw it on my shelf earlier this month.

I followed a pattern I found on Ravelry a while back and Favorited ( Super Easy Fall Hat, which is the perfect description of this pattern).  

By the time I went to bed on Saturday night I had knit up about 6 inches, around 2 and half of ribbing and the rest just knit in the round.  I really lost track when I was got going on the knit part, my fingers just when through the motions as I just chilled and watched movies.  This pattern is great if your just starting to learn color work, since it is a relatively simple design.   

Sunday after dinner I picked up the project again and started the color work which I believe is only 6 rows. So it didn't take much brain power, which after midterms was great.

In no time at all I was doing my decreases and weaving in the ends.  This pattern was great!  I think the yellow is so bright and in your face but the grey tones it down so you don't look like a crazy neon person. I've worn it a few times already. But it's still really cold in Canada (like -25 Celsius) so I've been wearing bulkier hats.  The one down side to this hat is the fact the yarn  I picked acrylic yarn so it doesn't have great insulation properties.

That's pretty much it, I just wanted to show off my new hat.  Comment, share and all that fun stuff. 


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