Monday, 25 April 2016

Crochets I've recently done

I'm in my last month of university.  As a stress relief I've been crocheting a lot and just want to share some photos of what I've been up to. Some have already been posted to my Instagram, but I want to add a few more photos.

Mini Charmander:
I've been crochet a lot of Pokemon recently and I wanted to explore different sizes and yarns.  This guy was made with friendship bracelet thread (pearl cotton embroidery floss).  A friend of mine pointed out that it was "literally made from friendship". This guy is under 2 inches tall and made with pretty much the smallest crochet hook I could get at the store.  I actually have this crochet for sale in my etsy shop

Rick Crochet: 

I made Rick for my friend that is a huge fan of the TV show Rick and Morty. He's about a foot tall and has a crazy case of anime hair.  I had to do a bunch of research and compare different crochet patterns to figure out the shape of his body, since I don't have that much experience crocheting humans.  I also added a bit of drool to get the full effect of the character.  I have this guy available for made to order in my shop (link here)


The same friend also wanted Morty to have the set.  He is a bit shorter than Rick, like he is in the show.  Morty is also available in my shop (Link Here)

Little Squirtle:  

I really enjoy crocheting small pokemons and decided to make a Squirtle. I'm still working on the face since I don't think the month is right yet, but I really like the shell and tail. 

That's all the crochets that I have finished right now.  I'm working on some other projects right now and I'll share photos as I finish them. 

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