Friday, 6 January 2017

Finished Object Friday: Teal Scarf

Hello all!

I just want to share the first knitted item that I've finished this year.  I made about 90% of this scarf in 2016, finished and block it this past week.

The pattern that I used was a variation of the Diagonal Twist Scarf by PurlSoho.  It's a beautiful pattern and it's pretty simple to follow after I looked up some videos on how to do right and left twists.  The twists give a nice detail to the scarf that makes it more interesting than just a stockinette stitch.

I used a little over two balls of Patons Decor in the colour New Teal. It is a acrylic and wool blend.   I love the colour and got a bunch of skeins of it at a yarn sale a couple years back. So this project was a a bit of stash buster.
Dog for Scale 

I reduced the amount of stitches from the original pattern.  I originally was going to do the scarf with 66 stitches as the pattern said. I found it way to wide and I didn't think that I would be motivated to finish the project. So I did the pattern with 40 stitches instead.

I followed the 4 rows of pattern until I reached what I decided was the middle to the project.  Then for the rest of the pattern I did right twists to the middle and left twist from the middle to the end. So the opposite of what the pattern instructs.  This changed the diagonal shapes from pointing downwards to upwards.  I did this to add symmetry for when I was wearing the scarf but it also made a nice diamond shape in the middle.

While I was knitting this scarf the edges would be rolling in constantly.  I am so envious of knitters that can knit without their edges rolling in on them.  That's something I am going to work on this year.  So I needed to block the scarf once I finished weaving in the extra yarn.

Scarf before Blocking

I know that wet blocking would not work from acrylics yarns such as the one I was knitting with.  I did a little research and the consensus was that a steam block would be suitable for acrylics blend yarns.  I'm really glad that I blocked it since it changed the look completely and I think it really makes it more professional looking.

Here's another picture of the scarf.  I've worn it out a few times already and it is really warm and nice.

But that's pretty much everything for now, I'm planning on posting more projects this year. So look out for to that in the future. 

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