Thursday, 9 August 2012

August 9th

Hey everyone,

How are you on this Thursday afternoon? Or at least that's what time it is as I'm writing this.  

The past week has been rather hectic.  Nothing dramatic, but just work and there was a long weekend.  During which I gave my friend her new hat and bracelet.  As promised here are some pictures of the hat.

I used a bulky red yarn of which I got a huge amount.  I did a rib stitch for the first few rows then a simple cable stitch until it was about 6 inches long.  Then I decreased until there were 6 stitches left.  

 For this bracelet, I asked my friend what she was looking for, and she gave me four colors, those you see here. Orange, yellow, pink and red.  I went on my friendship bracelet site, to look at a pattern and picked one that I though she would like.  I found three and texted my friend asking if I should send her the links so that she can pick the one she'd want.  She told me that she trusted my judgement, and only wanted to see it once it was done so that it would be a surprise.  

As you can tell my friend did like the bracelet, hat and she was very surprised.   

As I mentioned before it was the long weekend here in Ontario.  I did a lot of things. I've gotten some of the stuff ready for school in September, hung out with friends, saw fireworks.   I also spent a whole afternoon watching the second half of the second series of Doctor Who and made this bracelet.

It's part of a weekly challenge that the aforementioned friendship bracelet site.  I don't know if I've won and if by chance I do I'll be sure to tell you.

That's all for now, 
Much love 


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