Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Winter Break

Happy Holidays,

Sorry it's been a long time since my last post.  School has kept me busy, but I am enjoying it very much.  Now that it is the winter break, I have much more time to relax and such.

I did find time to knit this past semester, I found it a great stress reliever.  A lot of my friends are pretty impressed with my skills and want to learn how to knit. I'm really happy that they want to learn and will try to teach them in the new year.

This semester I made my mother a scarf out of Alpaca, it's the softest thing I've ever made.  I found this awesome yarn store near my school where I got the yarn.  The lady at the cash said that once you've tried alpaca you won't go back.  I agree with her, but I don't have the money to knit with alpaca often but my mom's worth it and she loves the scarf.  It's grey and I'll try to get some pictures of it.

I also made these lovely finger-less gloves. That have little owls on them! They're so cute and I wear them all the time.

I've also made a matching owl cup cozy, but i haven't added the eyes to it yet.  But I just love the owl and it was really easy to make, I finished both gloves in the span of 2 and half weeks, and I was able to stay on top of my homework while I was at it. 

I also made this awesome hat for my friend Julia.
(Sorry my computer is being silly and won't let me rotate the picture)

This is based on a hat I got myself when we were together over the summer.  I made her this one as a Christmas present because she liked the one I got so much.

Enough about knitting, I also made this awesome necklace for a friend of my mothers.   I am really happy with how it turned out, the colors work well together and hope that she likes it.

That's all for now I hope I'll update more often, tell me what you think about what I've made this semester.  

Much love


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