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Not a 30 day Challenge but close enough

I have a confession to make,
 I'm a huge Jane Austen fan, I completely adore Pride and Prejudice. I've read it at least four times.  I've also read some of her other works, and plan on reading them all (I have them on a book shelf, just waiting for a chance when I'm not drowning in work to read them). I'm also a huge nerdfighter, which is what the viewers of the VlogBrothers youtube channel are called.  So under a year ago, Hank, one of the brothers, introduced the Lizzie Bennet Diaries,  which was a modern adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, done in a vlog format.  

There's a rather large following to this series and I've seen other doing the " Lizzie Bennet Diaries 30 Day Challenge" floating about.  The series ends tomorrow, so I'm doing it all in one blog post.  So here's the challenge: 
  Here we go! 

1. How did you find the LBD (Lizzie Bennet Diaries)?
As mentioned previously, through the vlogbrothers, more specifically this video. I watched the first video about a day or two after it was posted and thought "This is either going to be very very good, or very very bad".  I watched a couple more episodes before being completely hooked, this series has brighten my Monday's and Thursdays for a little under a year now.    

2.Favorite female character? 
How can I pick, each lady in the show was fabulous in their own way.  But I think Lizzie is my favorite, not only cause she was the one with the most air time, but she's just such a awesome character and goes through so much change throughout the series. Also the actress did a great job portraying her. 

3.Favorite male character?
Fitz.  Not Darcy, as awesome as he is, but Fitz was but so funny for the couple of episodes he was in, and he was a great foil to Darcy, being bright and sociable. 

4. Least favorite character?
It would have to be Caroline Bing, she was the only character in the LBD that I didn't like, she character and the actress, she did a good job, but she felt a little to forced, compared to everyone else. 

5. Funniest moment?
You can't make me pick can you? 
Cause I really...

I would add more but this post would get way too long. 

6. Best Costume theater?
The one with Lydia and Lizzie above, the one with Darcy pretending to be Fitz and any costume theater with Jane in it.  

7. Saddest moment?
Either episode 42,  Friends Forever, or episode 73, 2+1 .  I felt so sad after watching them, and even re watching them I had troubles getting through them.  

8. Favorite actress?
Laura Spencer, she played Jane so well, I could truly believe in every moment she was on scene that she was Jane Bennet.  I'm also in love with her hair it's just beautiful. 

9.Favorite actor?
Maxwell Glick, not because of LBD but because of this... 

10.  How involved are you with the interactive side?
I follow most of the characters of  Twitter, and my tumblr has many reblogs of LBD content.  But I personally haven't tweeted the characters, or wrote fanfics.  

11. Pirates or Ninjas?

12. Favorite friendship?
Charlotte and Lizzie, they've been friends since fetus, do I need to say more. 

13. Favorite Quote?
Please don't make me chose, there's to many. 

14. What other character would you want to see videos from?
Either Charlotte or Jane, I feel it would be interesting.

15. Something you didn't expect to happen?
Sex tape...  I really wasn't expecting a sex tape.  Also I didn't expect to care or even like Lydia, they wrote the story so well that I actually really like Lydia and I didn't think she had it coming. And felt really sad about it. 

16. A character you'd want to see on the video?
 Kitty Bennet, we saw her once in Lydia's spin off video.  I wanted to see more of her.  I also wanted to see Collins fiance, it was such a tease too mention her periodically but know we would never see her since she's in Canada. 

17. What did you know of P&P before LBD?
A lot, as mentioned before, I've read the book. I've seen the movies.  I researched the fashion (for a school project about fashion before the WWI), and such like that.  I feel like I know a good amount of information about the world Jane Austen created. 

18. Favorite ship?
Is it truly a ship when you know the ending? 

19. Character you liked most?
Lizzie, as mentioned before.

20. Lydia: adorbs or annoying? or Both?
Adorbs... She surprised me most in this series, my feeling for Lydia before LBD were not positive, very very far from them. But I actually really liked what they did with her and made her more complex and relatable.

21. What keeps you watching?
It's just well done, its funny, cleaver and they did a great job, making it different enough from the original novel to make it feel like you aren't watching the same plot. 
22. Favorite Episode?
Gratitude, do I need to explain why?

23. Favorite Lydia episode?

24. Best impression of a character?
Jane doing Darcy, she's just changes so much from the usual calm, cool, Jane to be super awkward Darcy.  

25. Something you would change?
I would have liked more of Kitty and Mary.

26. Cutest moment?
All of this episode

27. Favorite outfit?
I have no idea.  I like that fact that the outfits that the actors wear throughout LBD are from the closet of the person that wearing it, and they don't even over use a certain piece of clothing. 

28. Favorite siblings?
I feel obliged to say the Bennet's but I really liked Charlotte and Marie. 

29. Favorite prop item?
The newsie hat.  It's so funny, in that fact Darcy wore it once, but it is the thing that everyone that watches LBD knows.  

30. Another book you'd want to see a similar adaptation for?
Throughout the past year, I thought of an other novel that I thought could be done in this manner.  I never could think of something that I really liked.  I thought of Bronte, or an other Austen book, which they are sorta working on.  If they are going to do an other project like this, I would be very interested in watching it. 

Thank you for reading,  I needed to get some of this off my chest, I've been Dizzie, for the past bit and  needed an outlet.  

Talk to you soon, 


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