Thursday, 21 March 2013

National Engineering Month


The past months have been hectic, second semester has been so busy. Lots of assignments, tests and drawings to do.  Yup, once of my class is drawing buildings, for History of Structures, you'll never see those drawings.  They kinda suck.   There's a reason I'm not in Architecture, but on wards!!

But the past week has been suspiciously calm and I've gotten the chance to crochet a bit, both projects I've done are presents for my friends.

The pattern that I used can be found here.  I really liked working on him and finished him in less then a day, I might make more of them at an later date for some of my other friends.  In university, I don't have stuffing, so I filled him with cut up t-shirt that I destroyed earlier that week for unrelated reasons. 

Here's a hedgehog, (pattern found here). He was a little to bland just the light and dark grey. So I added a little heart to add some color and love!!

I probably should be creating my own pattern, but I don't have the time.  I'm hoping over the summer I have more time to create.  

But that's all for now,


Thanks for all the love the Galaxy shoe's are getting, I'm still wearing them. 
Happy Engineering Month, and National Craft Month 

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