Friday, 10 May 2013

It's Friday, and here's some works in progress


The passed week was very relaxed, I'm hoping to start work soon, but in the meantime I've been working on a lot of projects, this week two of my friends have asked me to do some stuff for them, which I've included some pictures of below.

Here's the belly of a penguin that I'm crocheting for my friend.  It's going to be a pillow and I'm hoping its going to be adorable.  So far I'm loving it, and I'll try to make a tutorial of it after.

 Here's my current spinning progress,  it's kinda on the back burner at the moment while I work on the penguin and the dress (I'll talk about it in a sec).  But I'm going to work on it soon, my mom who toke up spinning at the same time as me, has finished all her stuff.  Below is a picture of my first spinning project.  

Here's the entrelac cowl I've been working on for a while, I wrote about it last post.  It was around so I toke some pictures it and added in this post.   

Here's the dress I'm working on, I started it this morning and its be very quick and easy to do.  It's four pieces and its a variation of a pattern that I found in my house, by added a sleeve.  

Here's pretty much what it will look like when its done, I just need to do the neck and sleeves and maybe shorten the bottom.  

This is the last work in progress, a curvy friendship bracelet, the colors are hard to capture on camera, they are a bit brighter in real life.  

Here's a bracelet that I finished last week and it's going into my shop this weekend, I just need to get some better pictures.  I like it but it's a little on the shorter side which makes me sad.  

This post might have been a little all over the place but I just wanted to let you guys what I've been up too.  

But that's all for now, I hope you have a fabulous weekend.