Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pinterest is my interest

Hello my lovelies,
So you might have heard of a website call Pinterest.  I'm had my account for about a year, and I absolutely love it.  I'm sure if I spent all the time on Pinterest for other things I would be a billion times more accomplished.

But here are some really sweet pins that I've seen recently.

For my nerd stuff board:
From the artofgaming on Tumblr
I just started playing Legends of Zelda this year, and slowing have been working my way through Ocarina of Time.  I really like the game, and the fanart done by people is just beautiful, and I'm very impressed with this stain glass piece.  Because look that it, it's fantastic.

From Anita at tardisboard, 
I love this for two reasons, I'm a whovian and a Engineering student.   I really like this blue print of the Tradis, I really like the attention to detail and how hard core all the measurements.  This would have made the professor the taught us CAD proud.

Okay last one from my nerd Board. Not sure if this counts as a nerd think but... 
From mathieuhervouet on Flickr 
I have a love/hate relationship with Netflix,  it's great from watching TV shows, and that can be very distracting.  In the past school year I watched the first 7 seasons.  Which over 8 months isn't bad. But sometimes my time could have been spent in a more productive fashion.  I love this minimalist poster for the show.  It has a lot of running jokes from the show and over all is a great poster and really captures the feel of the show.

Now from my Cute Craft Board:

From Martin at
I really like this, although I know I won't ever make it, because it would take forever and I would use those pins for sewing projects.  I really enjoy the concept. 

From oneaviandaemon
I have every intention of making this, it's so cute and simple and I'm a sucker for skirts with pockets. So look for a future post where I'm wearing this :P

From Martha Stewart 
I think this is so cute and sorta clever.  I think it would be so cute to make and I might do it at some point but I'm not sure.

That's all for now I think it's a good spot to stop.  I might make more posts like this to show you more about the stuff that inspires me, and that I find pretty 

Much love,

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