Saturday, 8 June 2013

FO Friday

The past week has been pretty exciting,  I finished my entrelac cowl that I started during reading week, I thought it would finish up the red and black yarn that I got last year,  but I still have 1/2 a skeins of each color left.  I got 5 skeins of each color for 5$ at a tent sale, and it's been in 5 projects.

My cowl all finished up

So as mentioned in other posts I did the cowl to go with a hat and mitten set that I did over Christmas break.  I'm looking forward to colder weather where I can wear this without feeling like I'm going to faint from over heating. Oh the wow's of summer.

The whole set

An other finished object I did is a super cute winter bonnet ( the link is to the pattern).  I thought it was so cute but I modified the front band to have a more Celtic cabling feel to it.  

I'm calling this my traveling bonnet, because most of it was done when I was traveling from one place to an other.  I did the band when I was going to North Bay a couple weeks back and did most of the rest on a five hour train ride from Toronto to Ottawa last week.   I makes it sound like a travel a lot but trust me it's not the case. :P

I might have done it a size to big, which is rare for me because I have a really big head,  I find buying hats really difficult, (maybe a reason my I make so many for myself).  But over all I love it, it's so bright but without overpowering. 
View from the back
It's also has a big fluffy pom pom on it!!

A little announcement, I going to be a vendor at a local Fair in July, I'm really pumped, I can't wait to go out and met some lovely people.  There's also an all day concert going on too, so I might find some good bands.

I'll keep you posted on details of that.  

Later Days


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