Thursday, 20 June 2013

Stuff That's Done and Works in Progress

Hello my pretties,

I have fabulous news, I sold my first Etsy item last week. It was a cute penguin pillow I mention briefly here, when it was still a work in progress.  But this is what it looked like ones I was done.
Say hello to my dog

I've been a busy bee for a pass couple weeks.  I'm trying to make an inventory for the Broken Arts Fest that's happening July 15th, where I will be selling stuff.  If I have any readers from the Toronto/Durham area, they should come and visit. It should be a fun time, with lots of live music, vendors and I think there's food too.

I also was busy over the weekend, Taylor Swift was in Toronto and I went to see her with a couple friends, and it was very fun.  My friend Olivia was wearing one of my dresses, which looked awesome on her, and she said that she's been getting compliments for it.

Woot Woot Dress 

One of the better pictures I got of Miss Swift 

So now as the title mentioned there are some works in progress, I'm hoping that I will have them all finished by July. 

This is a coffee cup cozy, to honor the local NHL team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Although not the greatest team out there, it has a most loyal fans and I hope I don't get any hate for dissing them.   The cozy still needs work, because the leaf doesn't pop out and it just looks a little off.  But I think I'll redo it but knit it instead of crochet. 

Next is some paper necklaces I've been working on,  probably the most time consuming project I've been working on. Mostly because there are a lot of steps involved like cutting the paper and getting it all ready.  

That's what it looks like once I'm all done, the paper comes from a old mountain biking magazine of my fathers.  So instead of recycling it, I'm repurposing it.  Save the earth and all that.  

This is a picture of some my work space, it's looking a little messy, I know and it has like three projects going on it.   

March of the Penguins 
Lastly here's some picture of some penguin coffee cup cozies I made.  After finished the penguin pillow I felt in a penguin mood and came up with them.  There's going to be a pattern for it soon, I have it written out but some editing is needed at this point.   

So that's all for now, 

Much Love

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