Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Pintester Movement V. 2.0 - Arm Knitting


As the title of the post suggests, this is the second installment of the Pintester Movement  For the people that do not know, its a event done up by the Pintester, Sonja Foust.  Where we take our chances with the weird Pinterest pins that seem a little far fetch and see what happens.  Which is what Sonja does on her blog all the time and it's fantastic.

Last time, I sorta proved that you can transfer weird monster designs on to a mug and porcelain pen it over, and voila, a sharpie mug that actually lasts.

This time I shall be trying arm knitting, which sounds a little weird.  It claims that you can do a scarf in half an hour.  I saw the pin floating around pinterest, but I paid it not mind.  The Pintester herself tried it a few months back.  But it didn't work, but I think it was mostly due to the fact she didn't know how to knit before trying the pin.

So here me trying Arm Knitting.... Wooopyy

I found some yarn in my stash that would be suitable for the job, then I sat down on my floor.  Looking at my yarn I was sorta rethinking this whole thing, it's 30 something degrees out  (Celsius, or it would have been really inappropriate to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt), and working with super warm yarn and I didn't want sweaty arms.  But I was determined to try this thing.     
Pile of yarn?

 Next was the casting on.
Why you tighten your slip knots (heehee) 

I got the slip knot done and on my arm, I watched the video that lady posted on her site on how to cast on, I didn't like it, so I just sorta fumbled and tried to cast on the way I would if I had needles but it was a little weird, defiantly needing getting use to.  But I got it eventually.  

The actually knitting part, wasn't as bad as I expected, you just bring the yarn thought the loop you made and stick it on the other arm.  Makes totally sense, right?

I tried taking a picture of the process for you guys, but that failed, as shown above. So no selfies when you try to knit, remember that kids.

I was able to survive past the first row without to much of a fuss.  Which I was supper happy about, I didn't lose a stitch, with was my biggest worry I had, because everything is kinda loose (that's what she said), and you kinda get lost (she said that too).  

So I just tried to awkwardly keep knitting, it was really hard to keep the tensions even when you where doing it, making the knitting really uneven.   I was doing this I kept think, man  this would be a great fishing net.  Not sure where that idea came from, since the last time I pretended to try fishing I was 8.  But I rolled with it.  

After about twenty minutes I binded off and this is what I got.

Me trying out the "scarf"

After I was done I didn't really know what to do with this awkward pile of knotted yarn I had, so naturally I just threw it on all my pets.

Tell me who wore it better, cat or dog. 

So technically this pin works, you do get a thing that is long enough to be claimed as a scarf.  But its sorta weird looking, and I personally with never wear it.  But tell me what you guys think down below.

So don't forget to check out the original pin here:
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  1. Thicker yarn next time ;) Plus I think the cat wore it better, but I'm a cat person sooo...

    I thought of a fishnet too when I saw it! You're in good company.

    My pin is a pork disaster. Check it out :)

    1. I used the thickest I had on hand, but maybe I should have doubled up like the pin.

      I read your post, it was awesome. :P

  2. Hee! Love it. The dog looks tres chic.

    1. Thanks
      It's probably the only time in my dogs life that he will ever look that chic.

  3. Catnet, perfect!

    1. yeah, expect the first thing she did when I put it on her was get up and walk away, not very effective. :P

  4. Hey! We did the same one :) I had similar probs with the tension.. how in the world do we get it tighter? do people just have tiny hands?
    (katie @

    1. It was so awkward to do, but yours looks a lot nicer then mine. The girl who did the original pin must have the smallest hands ever.

  5. I think it looks great, and could totally be used as one of those stuffed animal holders that you stick up in the corner of the room. Do you remember what those are called? I had one as a little girl and damned if I can remember. But this would be perfect, you could stick their little heads out of the holes and have an army of stuffed animal plastic eyes stare at you as you sleep. On second thought, that's creepy as hell. Don't do it. I wouldn't wear it in public either,lol.

    1. I know that you mean, I had something like that at some point too. And that sounds really creepy I might use it for an other purpose then stuffed animal net thing.

  6. The cat wears it better, but a flowerpot would wear it even better! You know, the suspended ones we see all over Pinterest!

    1. Yeah I've seen them, I need to get a flowerpot and plants first