Thursday, 15 May 2014

5KCBWDAY4 Conversations Between Workers

So I missed yesterdays post because I went to a tulip festival instead writing a post... ooopsss

Todays post is a conversation between a tool that you use and yourself. I am picking my double pointed needles (DPN).  I used them a lot, I like knitting hats and mittens both require DPN's. I have this set that its bright purple that I really like using (mostly because its the only set I own because I'm poor and too lazy to buy a new one).  So this is my conversation with my DPN's, I don't have a fun name for them so I'll name them Bob.

Me: Hey Bob what's up?

Bob: Nothing much, just chilling in my plastic bag for the past couple weeks.  I totally can breath in here...

Me: I get it.  Long time, no use. I've been crocheting lately I thought you where okay with that.

Bob: Really? You thought I would be okay with me watching using all your crochet needles without using me...

Me: By all, you mean 2, that less then how many needles than you have.  Anyways, when I'm using in you in a project what you call our relationship?

Bob: Pretty good, why do you ask?

Me: Writing a blog post and I just feel like you run away from me a lot when we're together.

Bob: Oh that.  I thought I was being playful...

Me:  Needles rolling away from me when put you down isn't playful and I've almost stabbed my butt so many times from when I put you down on the sofa and you roll around.

Bob:  Ah man, I'm so sorry. I didn't know that bugged you.

Me: It's okay, we can work on that, and I'll make something with you soon.

Bob: Awesome!!

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