Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Squirtle Crochet

I know I mentioned that I made a crochet Squirtle in a previous post.  I made him for a friend and I really like it so I thought I would write a little bit more about it.
Just a head 

I used a pattern from Wolfdreamer, their site is filled with patterns for crochet Pokemon which I was really impressed with.  I ended up already having most of the colors needed for the crochet in my stash which I was super happy about, since there isn't a lot of yarn required for each part of the Squirtle.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow, I only had troubles figuring out how to do the fingers and toes. In the end I'm pretty sure I did it correctly.

I really liked working on this guy and I love how cute he is!!



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