Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Very Long Scarf


So early in the year, I was contemplating out loud what my next project I should be working on next and my roommate asked if I can make him a really long scarf for this coming winter.  He had been looking around in some stores and couldn't find any in colours that he liked. So it would make sense from him to get a custom one that would let him pick the colors and such.

I just finished the scarf, I've been working on it for the past three months.  The reason it took so long is because it's almost 7 feet long.  I also worked on some other projects while working on this one.  One of my other roommates has pointed out that I start too many projects that I don't follow through on.  Which has sort of happened during this summer.

Roommate with Scarf
The pattern for the scarf is pretty simple, but it would take about 15 mins to do a row because I was working the scarf vertically .  I ended up rippling back my first attempt because it was too short in my opinion to satisfy my roommate.  My second, and final attempt, I found was a little longer then I was expecting but overall was supper happy with the result.

 It's a crochet scarf using Caron Simply Soft.  I used this pattern but I mortified the amount of chains I did at the beginning instead of 240 I did 345-ish (I really don't think I counted it well so plus/more a few stiches).  I also made sure that I started and ended each row with a single crochet.  I did 11 rows of each blue section and the white in the middle was only 10 rows.  

Look at that happy face! 


My roommate is really happy with the scarf.  I think he's going to look awesome this winter. It was a fun project to work on. 

Talk to you soon,


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