Sunday, 5 October 2014

How to make a Pompom

Hey everyone,

You might not know this but I write monthly crafting columns for a newspaper at my school. I just wanted to share what I wrote for this month which is a how to make a pompom.

What you'll need:
-Yarn, I'm using a Mint Green Acrylic I had leftover from a hat
-Square Coaster

1. Take your coaster and yarn. Hold yarn in place at the top using your hand.

2. Start to wrap the yarn around the coaster, try to cover that first wrap so that you don’t have
to keep holding the yarn, but try to keep it taut but not tight, you’ll have to move it later and you don’t want it to be too hard.

3. Wrap until it looks close to a size appropriate for a pompom.

4.Cut the wrap and hold it

5. Cut a piece of yarn about a foot long and fold in half.

6. Slide off the warp yarn from the coaster into the piece of yarn you have. Try to get it


7.Tie the piece of yarn around loops as tight as possible.

8.With your scissors cut all the loops that were created by warping the yarn.

9.Cut the ends a little to give it a nicer shape, and a bit more even if there are pieces that are obviously longer.

10.Shake it and make it fluffy.

Now that you have a pom pom what the hell will you use it for? You can add it
to a hat that you have that is missing the awesomeness of a pompom. I made a purple on and pinned
it to my cork board and it looks pretty awesome there. You can throw it at
people. Either way, have fun and good luck!

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