Thursday, 25 April 2013

4KCBWDAY4 Color Review

Today is all about color.  When I'm knitting I would like to say that I use all type of colors to suit every mood and occasion.  But that wouldn't be true, I love bright colors.  When people ask what my favorite color is I reply rainbow because I can't pick one.  

Although my knitting and crocheting might say different, I think back my the projects I've worked on in the past year.

I've been knitting with red and blank a lot recently. It started last year with a hat for my friend, I had a lot of extra yarn, to I knitted a hat for myself that I've posted pictures of before, then I made matching mittens and now I'm currently knitting a matching scarf.  I want to take pictures of but it's still in a box somewhere in my house from moving on Tuesday.

Here's a brief summary the colors I used a lot of this year.  

Emma Stone inspired hat tuque , mohawk tuque, and cabled tea pot cozy.

I noticed I kept to the cooler more autumn colors, like the oranges and dark greens.  The colors are more subdued then I expected.  But also grey's where a really popular color that I worked with, grated none of the stuff I did was for me.  That's much more subdued then I really planning on this year. 

Totoro, Hedgehog, and a alpaca scarf for my mum. 

Here's a really quick picture of my some of my stash:
    The colors are varied but I feel like I'm missing more oranges and yellows.(the yarn in the top right is green, the camera made it a lot lighter).   Lucky I'm going to the Creativ Festival in Toronto tomorrow, so I'll have the chance to buy all the yarn that I want, and become broke.

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