Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Infographic 4KCBWDAY3

Day 3 everyone!!!

Today was to do a infograph of your chose.  I almost forgot to post so here's a really quick infograph I made of the types of projects that I work on, when I'm knitting or crocheting.

As you can tell I've made a lot of scarves, which I now noticed I didn't spell right, oh dear. 
At the beginning I knitted scarves because it was easier but after it was for other people and I did start doing never fancy work with them.  I also did hats mostly to match my scarves and because I really enjoy working with the circle needles.  

Thats really all for now 

See you tomorrow 



  1. Nice chart! I think mine will be full of amigurumi ;)

    Here's mine:

  2. Thanks, I've tried making a couple amigurumis and I found them really fun. I checked out your post, I really enjoyed it. :P